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We would be very happy to create
"Custom Gifts" for you !

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How We Work . . .

 First browse our products... or even at the other stores. Then select the item you want to purchase.
And YES, please get their price(s) to see if we can do a better deal (most times we can).
Then come up with the idea you want designed. The slogan, text, the graphic, or just an idea for starters.

 After this, go over to our Form Page and fill in the information.

 This will show us that you are sincere in wanting us to start a project specifically for you.
Submit the form and we will send a special email address to correspond directly with you.

 Email us as much information as possible, when we request it, and you can be sure the finished product meets your every expectation!

That's It!
 You get a very special gift for you, or your someone special, that is "Truly Custom"!

When sending your ideas,
PLEASE, No Copyrighted material!

Unless you want it to say: "We Can Print Your Logo....Here!"
If you see an item that already has a graphic that you like, feel free to order it!

Fill in our Form, and we will get to work on YOUR Design, made for YOUR Item, for YOUR Purchase!

Should you have any questions,
feel free to drop us a line or two.
Use this email ONLY for Questions, Please.